Yoga for Cancer

Yoga for Cancer

As interest in more holistic approaches to healing is growing, yoga therapy for cancer patients and cancer survivors is emerging as one of the more successful methods for combating the physical discomfort of cancer and cancer treatment.

Many patients who practice yoga during their cancer treatment report  that therapeutic yoga poses bring great relief, hope and optimism into their battle against this often terrifying illness. Whether faced with scar tissue of surgery, weakness from radiation or chemo and ongoing nausea, cancer patients endure a long road of physical trials.

It is thought that yoga can help with cancer in the following ways:

  • ​Reduces the side effects of chemotherapy, such as fatigue and nausea.
  • Helps to manage the emotional roller coaster which the patient experiences during the therapy.
  • May enhance the desired effect of conventional treatments, namely radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery.
  • Improves healing after radiotherapy and surgery by maximising blood flow to the affected areas and provides a form of gentle movement that can be used when a person’s energy is low.
  • Brings about harmony amongst the various metabolic activities in the body and achieves a greater degree of metabolic balance.
  • Plays an important role in improving the patient’s quality of life.*
I offer one-on-one therapeutic sessions incorporating essential oils to alleviate the relaxation and feeling of healing.

I also run a weekly group for people living with cancer and their families. We practice a short series of gentle poses and informally talk about our week, experiences, fears and hopes. If you are interested, please contact me for more information.

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