Therapy grade essential oils are natures ultimate plant medicine, helping you to relax and soothe and support healthy immune function, alleviate pain and protect against environmental threats.
I partnered with dōTERRA Oils not just because they produce the highest quality pure essential oils, but also because of their compact sourcing model:

Co-Impact Sourcing


dōTERRA teams up with local farmers globally. Often these families have been growing and harvesting their plant for generations, making them experts in their field. The company then forms cooperatives to help implement modern growing techniques, harvesting and distilling methods and plus paying fair wages all around.
Co-Impact Sourcing of doTERRA Frankincense Essential Oil

Additionally, if local living conditions need improvement, dōTERRA’s Healing Hands foundation jumps into action, building water pipes, orphanages and hospitals. Every single bottle of essential oil you buy makes a positive difference to someone at the very end of the supply chain.

Quality and Testing


• Every single batch of dōTERRA oils goes through rigorous internal and third-party testing, meaning you can rest assured that every bottle contains therapeutic quality, oils with the guaranteed absence of neurotoxins and other contaminants.
• Plants are sourced in their native growing region, meaning that climate, soil condition and environment all help the plant grow under perfect condition and produce pure oils

The Culture


dōTERRA is built on integrity with the purpose to give back: By creating ethical consumable products they invest in the communities they work with. Through the Healing Hands Foundation, the company and their wellness advocates reach out to serve those in need, partnering with Days for Girls, Operation Underground Railroad and Mentors International.
The focus, as with everything in dōTERRA is on education, helping everyone involved, from grower to customers to manage their own physical, emotional, spiritual and financial wellness.

What if I don’t know anything about essential oils?


It’s ok to be a complete beginner - your education starts with your first Essential Oil Kit, and I will personally send you a welcome pack and provide you with access to our private Facebook community. The most popular way to start an account is with a carefully curated Enrolment Kit.
A discounted starter kits (on top of the 25% wholesale discount) gives you the tools for you and your families health, and waive the one-time membership fee. As a 'wholesale' customer you have no further obligations.

Yes, get me some oils

Will I have to sell essential oils?


No, you don’t. dōTERRA follows a direct selling model, which means you can only be introduced to the oils by a knowledgeable wellness advocate who will help you to set up your account. For that they will receive a commission, and you will receive a 25% discount on everything for a whole year should you chose to do so. dōTERRA oils are NOT available from any other source, and if you do find them on eBay or Amazon, they are fake. dōTERRA can be a business opportunity, and if you are interested, just drop me a line when you have used the oils for 2-3 months. 

Order my oils now
Iris with doTERRA Oils

How to Order


• Go to My doTERRA Site  - Click ‘Join and Save ‘ 
• Select your country of residence and preferred language.
• Press OK on the yellow box that appears.
• Choose Wholesale Customer and Continue.
• Fill in all personal info, choose your own password.

Enroller ID must be 5002416. Click Verify to see that it is Iris Waller. This is important if you want access to my tribe!
When you get to the order page, Choose your preferred starter kit from the carousel on top, then proceed to payment.

Once you completed your purchase, I will send you a welcome email with all the information you need to get started. There are no obligations whatsoever. You can choose to exit at any time. You can be a member without buying anything more. No binding contracts. No purchase obligation. Just lots of possibilities!

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