Access holistic wellness through spirituality, yoga and unapologetic self-love.

Courses & Offerings

1:1 Mentoring

A 12-week journey to naturally let go of anxiety and stress. 

I will guide you through weekly sessions with a series of powerful techniques, allowing your body to create a foundation deep inside you to become; fearless and resilient and overcome your inner demons.


Monthly Group Breathwork

What if you could change your life with something as simple as your breath? 

Join us online once a month for a Transformational Breathwork Session.


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Radiant Life!

Group Coaching 

If you need direction, confidence and motivation so you can replace old disruptive patterns with positive habits and make feeling stuck a thing of the past, your time has come!

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Chair Yoga

Stretch, release and revive your body and mind!

Bring yoga to your chair with easy-to-follow, bite-sized sequences that you can practice anywhere and at any time.