How we allow
Stories to
Limit Us

An Aromatic Master Class


Whether your dreams are big or small, we all have stories about ourselves that keep those dreams from happening. Some stories are personal, some cultural, most are rooted in our past, but some are created entirely in our minds. 

Discover your stories and how they can limit your potential

Find out if you already moved your dreams from the inevitable to the impossible 

Learn how to use aromatic anchors to irrevocably seat your stories into your actual timeline

Every journey starts with the single step forward, no matter how small. This masterclass is for you if you are ready for, or already have been making that first step, but then tend to stop at the gate.

Let’s make you aware of that very first gate: Observation leads to knowledge, knowledge, of course, is power and with that power comes the ability to create change and achieve your dreams.

It’s you who will make it happen!


Ready to change the story you tell yourself?

Then this is the masterclass for you, take the first step towards infinite possibilities!

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"I found the masterclass to be an incredibly empowering experience. Being able to shift what was once impossible to what is now inevitable has transformed my outlook on life, my career and my future. Like many professional women I suffer from low self esteem and imposter syndrome, and the masterclass has helped to restore that lost confidence that lies deep within."

Susan Rossi



“Beautiful insights into life and how to deepen the understanding of ourselves for true joy - thanks so much Iris.” 

Juliet O


Meet your guide,

Annis Fender



Teacher, Mama, Blogger, Creator of Courses, Designer, Artist, Energy Healing, Yoga Therapy, Aromatherapy and Micro Influencer - the conventional question “so what do you do for a living?” has become increasingly harder to answer - and that’s just how I like it.

In short, my mission is to teach you that there are simple and effective steps that you can take to truly change your life and, indeed, change the world.

Despite all my qualifications and raving client reviews, I used to suffer badly from imposter syndrome, until finally, with the end of a vituperative marriage and subsequent divorce, I realised that I am enough.

And not just enough - shifting the narrative from older to wiser, I was able to truly live my dharma - to provide a save haven. With daily selfcare habits, nurturing my practice and returning to my calling, to teach, an abundant life became inevitable, and people started to notice. If I could do it - so can you!

I dream of the rise of the midlife woman, of humanity coming together as one, and that you too will live with the deep knowledge that you are unique and beautiful. I will teach you how to integrate Yoga, Essential Oils and Meditation into your daily life, and ongoing mentorship is part of the package.

I can't wait to connect with you.

Outside my online presence, I focus on yoga as therapy, and work with those living with a physical or mental challenge, from cancer to stress and anxiety.

My love is to teach children and teenagers with developmental challenges such as ADD, ADHD and Autism.

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£49 Gives you access to a mindset training audio, practical guidline videos and a the comprehensive guide to supporting essential oils.