Space for Rising Goddesses

A sacred sisterhood retreat:  energy healing, essential oils, therapeutic yoga and journaling to heal your body, mind and spirit.

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Space for Rising Goddesses

A sacred sisterhood immersion of energy healing, essential oils, therapeutic yoga and journaling to heal your body, mind and spirit.

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Join Annis Fender in this virtual or live  immersion, guiding you from stress and overwhelm to inner wisdom and joyous freedom.

In our time together we combine energy healing, grounding, journalling and affirmations with contemplative yoga into an experience that leaves you with clarity, a deeply relaxed state of mind and a tension free physical body. 

You should join if

- sometimes feel like your body and mind are at war with each other.
- everyday demands make you hit the floor running from the moment you wake up
- you know that there is a calm goddess inside you just screaming to come out.

What would it feel like to reset and find a different way?

I know that you are trying. I know you have the mat and don’t roll it out. I know that the brain fog leaves you exhausted, and that life doesn’t seem to leave much space for self care. I know that your inner critic compares your life to other women who seem to be able to juggle it all, even when you know you shouldn’t. 

With these sessions I invite you to connect to your inner wise women, remembering that you are enough. Here we create our sanctuary. You'll receive an energy healing, we discover our goals and dreams through journaling, yoga without the poses, essential oils to set aromatic anchors, time completely dedicated to your well-being. 


“Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.”


Who am I?


Hi, I'm Annis Fender. I teach holistic wellness by seamlessly integrating spirituality, yoga, and unapologetic self-love into everyday life. Combining my extensive knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology (body movement) with intuitive aromatherapy and energy healing, my intention is for you to return to radiance and joy.

I believe in the rise of the mid-life woman, shifting our narrative from the struggling peri/menopausal view to that of the wise woman accessing her inner goddess with confidence.
This healing workshop will reconnect you to the knowledge that you already have the tools for spiritual and physical expansion, resetting neurological pathways to ease pain in the body, returning you to your inner calm and strength.

I'm in!

What to expect

The sessions start in silence, with a short meditation and with connecting to each other, to connect to yourself, group energy healing, journaling observations and affirmations to set the theme of the day.
The practice is suitable for all levels, and your motions, whether physical or in the mind are about observation. The practice uses micro-movements, resetting neurological pathways and freeing Prana (also known as Qi, our life force) that ultimately allows you to become pain free.
You will learn to use your tools to take aligned action towards physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Each virtual session is available for you to access and practice for one week.

Move from stressed, confused, and overwhelmed to being held by the wise woman sisterhood, letting your inner goddess truly shine through.

Are you ready?


I am ready!
"Practicing with Annis has not only been therapeutic for me, but has been a life-line. I have had Myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome for many years, and Annis has helped me to improve this condition. I recommend her highly and without reservation."

- Dr L.W.

What's included in the virtual sessions?

75 minutes of bliss, allowing disconnection from the daily drama and negativity, which are ultimately not yours, so that you can refocus on your inner wisdom and serenity 
A group energy healing, which will find and heal old distortions and negative beliefs, imprinting positive vibrations into your energy field. 
Journaling, contemplative practice with a deep meditation to release tension and reset your body, and intuitive movement.

NEW: In person Workshop at The Yoga Space London.

Experience all of the above plus more in a delicious 2 hour immersion. We will practice, move, talk, be silent, drink herbal teas, eat chocolate and close every session with a powerful group energy healing, releasing what’s old and no longer useful and entering the new month with newly balanced wise women energy.

A Saturday each month 2-4 pm at The Yoga Space London

Upcoming Dates:
5th February
5th March
April TBC

Price: £30
Package of three: £75

Book: 5 February
Book: 5 March

Join Today

Give yourself permission to shine!

More online dates coming soon...

My questions for you


> Do you feel guilty when you take me-time?

> Does the care for others mean there is no time left for you?

> Are you in need of connection and affirmations?

> Do you often wonder why the real you is often buried under routines, responsibilities and always having to be sensible?

If the answer to any of these is yes, you simply MUST be part of our circle to reconnect to your inner goddess - she will make you shine in every single way. Don’t lock her inside your heart!

My Inner Goddess says Yes!
"Annis's enthusiasm for her subject is infectious. Annis is a focused, calm and confident teacher, who freely shares her knowledge and makes everybody in the room feel comfortable."

- S.T.
"Annis is intelligent, empathic and calm, a brilliant combination. I started attending her sessions when I was very stressed and in a very stressful job. I was amazed by the difference these sessions made. When I was later diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukaemia, Annis helped me through the process of adapting to my new role as a patient.
She has been with me through my cancer journey and has adapted our sessions in harmony with the emotional and physical ups and downs of my illness."

- Dr P. L

Why now, and why me?


Right now we have an emerging understanding that what is needed to create a more sustainable future for ourselves is nothing short of a miracle. I believe what we need is simply a shift in consciousness.

The old understanding of time management, work-life balance and what it means to be well and healthy have shifted irrevocably over the last year, and many of us are overworked, overwhelmed, feeling alone and confused.

Guided energy healing and body presence shift the focus from worrying about the past or future, what we have missed and what will be, into the here and now, significantly reducing anxiety and stress.
We set aromatic anchors with Essential Oils*, anchors that we can access any time we need a boost.
You can join these immersions as often or as little as you need - consistency brings the best results, but I intent to teach you use your tools on your own

Are you ready to shine?

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*Essential oils are not provided - if you don’t have any yet, click here to purchase your first kit of therapeutic grade essential oils,  or click here to learn more.