If you need direction, confidence and motivation, so you can replace disruptive patterns and make feeling stuck a thing of the past, your time has come!

Radiant Life!

The Next Mentorship program starts on January 14th. 
Six weeks of daily self-study content with weekly live coaching sessions so you can truly transform your life and feel a million dollars, whatever your age. 

Do you often feel anxious or overwhelmed? Are you recovering from trauma or grief or are you stuck in a situation that does not serve you?
Has midlife hit you with low self-esteem, low energy and constant self-sabotage?

Learn what you are truly capable of - sign up for this group mentorship with daily self-led positive habit building so you can experience true well-being and confidence for the rest of your life.

Yesss! Change my life NOW


If you need direction, confidence and motivation, so you can replace disruptive patterns and make feeling stuck a thing of the past, your time has come!

Radiant Life!

Next Mentorship program starts on January 14th 2024. 6 weeks of  daily self study content with weekly live coaching sessions, so you can truly transform your life and feel a million dollars, whatever your age. 

Do you often feel anxious or overwhelmed? Are you recovering from trauma, grief or are stuck in a situation that does not serve you?
Has midlife hit you with low self-esteem, low energy and constant self-sabotage?

Learn what you are truly capable of - sign up for this group mentorship with daily self-led habit building so you can experience true well-being and confidence for the rest of your life.


Yesss! Change my life NOW!
 Reclaim your inner power and spirituality.
 Make self-sabotage a thing of the past.
 Raise your energy levels and overall wellness.
 Redefine beauty in a world obsessed with youth.
 Create your ideal life and and silence the critics that keep you small.

hear you


You want to feel fit and energetic, you want your freedom and happiness back - and you had enough of believing those who try to keep you small. Somehow, somewhere, you have lost sight of yourself, and you really, REALLY want things to change.

Somehow you ended up in this circle of good intentions and self-sabotage, of hope and guilt and the final affirmation of "this is just my lot and I put up with it"

I see you. I too lived small, with terrible imposter syndrome (despite all my qualifications and experience). My weight, motivation and mood yoyo-ed, seemingly out of my control.

Society tells us what ageing for women looks like: constantly tired, with low energy levels, and slightly aching all over. Hormones are being ridiculed. Friends and husbands, and perhaps you too join the fun of "good-natured" spouse bashing. All that's ahead is growing old - what else is there?

I believed that too, until I decided that I had enough. After years of studying and self improvement, I am now, at 58 years old as well and healthy as I can be, living a purposeful, abundant life. I left a unhappy marriage and showed my teenage daughters that women could truly achieve anything they want, whatever their circumstances and age. Yes, life continues its ups and downs. But I am grounded, in charge and capable.

My secret? Unapologetic self-care and unbreakable daily habits.

Work with me if you:


are ready to discover the power of daily habits, breathwork, coaching and unapologetic self-care.

 have lived through trauma and will not be defined by it forever.

feel you have lost your place in a world obsessed with youth and beauty.

want to re-define how society tells you growing older should look like.

are committed to doing what it takes  to thrive, under wise guidance and with unapologetic self-love.

 want to connect with other women who lift and celebrate each other.

Falling in love with yourself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.


Step confidently into your abundant Self: you can't remove the perils of pain and change, but you can learn the invaluable skill of resilience.

The time for change is now!

"We often believe we need to change into these fearless warrior princesses, and we can't because we simply aren't that person. In truth, it takes only one single moment of bravery, one decision to love yourself first, that changes the trajectory of your life forever."
- Annis Fender

The old understanding of work-life balance, time management and what it means to be well and healthy have shifted irrevocably over the last three years. Now we have momentum. Now is your chance to make this transformation a lasting reality.

 Now, more than ever, you need to expand your physical, mental and spiritual health. Contrary to what we are led to believe, crippling low energy levels have nothing to do with age. Only when you love yourself fiercely can you believe in yourself and step into your truth.

It’s about discovering and celebrating your gifts. To find your community. To know what you cannot change and changing the things that you can. To learn how you can control your energy level through breath, habits and movement. Uncover what you really want, what’s holding you back and replace those beliefs with truths for growing into your full potential.

You are NOT defined by menopause or perimenopause. You will change from feeling exhausted and afraid to truly vibrating positive energy and trust in the ever-abundant flow of the universe, so you can live your most radiant life. 


Have we met? Hi, I am Annis Fender.

I seemingly had it all - the successful husband, the beautiful daughters in private school, the holiday home in France, the huge London house and lifestyle to match. And yet, my life seemed to be a lie.

I was stuck in a deeply unhappy marriage, without seeing a way out. Despite having a wealth of training and knowledge, I suffered badly from imposter syndrome. I felt underqualified, over-the-hill, overweight and overlooked.

It all started to change with one tiny step - I began to trust. I trusted my wisdom, my yoga, the power of transformational breathwork, my essential oils. Through setting achievable goals I stopped the self-sabotage and was able to make lasting changes. Within a couple of years, my entire life had changed in ways I had never dared to imagine.

One day, when I sat in a circle of like-minded female spiritual entrepreneurs, I realised I had at last, in midlife, become the woman I always knew lived hidden inside me, who I always wanted to be.

I now live a full life in my dream home in deepest rural France, where I run retreats in the summer and continue to share the power of transformational breathwork, the power of community and unapologetic self-love. Check me out on Instagram and TikTok at @annisfender.

Through my approach of living unapologetically I manifested everything I needed for my version of an abundant life.


If I could do it - so can you! What are you waiting for?

“I’ve learned that whenever I decide something with an open heart, I usually make the right decision.”

Maya Angelou

My unique approach will help you to make your own transformation


Self-care is not optional, but how do we make our radiant life decisions stick?
In this program you will discover why you self-sabotage and how to remove old patterns. You will learn to break subconscious patterns and identify what you truly want in your wild and wonderful life: Inner shadow work, aromatic anchors and manageable daily routines that revert limiting beliefs and growth blocks, you will confidently step into your new, assertive self.
Transformational breathwork plays a powerful part in reprogramming your subconscious beliefs. 

Personal growth is a lifestyle, and you will effortlessly continue to glow after you completed this course.

You'll learn to be consistent and accountable, shedding feelings of anxiety, stress and guilt.

We cannot afford to be stuck - it really is a matter of now or never.

What is stopping you?


“I don’t have time for all that.”
Are we not all given 24 hours each day? Your life is defined by where you focus your energy. Think about your daily habit of brushing your teeth. Your auto-pilot act of basic maintenance that you follow twice a day religiously without thinking - and as a result, we get to keep our teeth until old age, instead of losing them in our twenties. Self-love is a lifestyle, not a burden.

"I feel guilty (silly, not worthy, too big, too small, too tall, too short, not pretty enough….) to spend time and money on myself."
You will learn to put all your senses into practice and adjust your life experience to see your ideal abundant life. It all starts in your mind. If you can see it, you can achieve it. We will address that lowest of vibrational emotions, the feeling of guilt, that most women had breathed and bred into them almost from birth. You will learn to forgive yourself, and in the forgiving, become free from self-sabotage.

"I don’t want to spend time on myself every day."
Stop reading now - this course is not for you.

"I’ve tried everything - nothing will ever change; this is just me."
Everything you want is on the other side of fear. Whether it is fear of the unknown or fear of change - we will identify which fears stop you from being radiant, how to silence destructive criticism and fall in love with yourself with the same unbotheredness you had as a 4-year-old. Discover your unique gift and start living your fullest life with unbridled joy!


I need this!

When you have tools to remind yourself how truly great you are, you realise that you won’t need lots more stuff, nor big and radical changes - instead, you return to base to find your authentic, radiant self.

Welcome home!


You do remember that you once had hobbies and the energy and time to do them. You were good at what you did and always were a huge laugh. You believe that abundance, intelligence and femininity are the sum of your total and have no doubt that deep inside, you are the thinking wo(man)s crumpet. You see others on Instagram waterskiing and barré dancing, and think this could be me! This should be me! They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions, but you are done with that, ready to change lanes and take action to live to your true purpose.

Take a deep breath - you're ready!



Why me?


When you want to change your life for the better, when you, like I was, are or were stuck in a toxic relationship, when you have trauma to heal, or if you are in your midlife, you want to be met by someone who is on your wavelength, and who can meet you where' you're at.

My mission is not to teach, but to awaken. With decades of experience, I practice 100% of everything I share. You'll benefit from my unique fusion of ancient and modern traditions: transformational breathwork, coaching, energy healing, yoga and aromatherapy.

You're about to go onto an incredible ride, and come out at the other end having shifted outdated narratives that don't serve you at all. You already have everything that you need - this is not me doing it for you - YOU will reset your neurological pathways and return to your inner calm and strength that is your birth right, one tiny step, one tiny habit at a time. 

I've been through that mill of self-sabotage and unworthiness. I felt your pain. 

I believe in the wise women sisterhood where we can  celebrate our achievements in midlife and look forward to an age of beauty, wisdom and abundance.

Much love,

Annis, x

Your investment and what to expect:


 Weekly live coaching calls and action plans (calls are recorded for you)
 Daily emails and strategies to keep you going.
 A selection of carefully curated daily self-love habits at a pace that you can implement without stress. 
Tools for spiritual growth to intuitively know what’s optional and what isn’t (change requires commitment), shifting your inner resistance permanently.
 Recordings and downloadable worksheets to complete in your own time, allowing you to get used to expansion, change and transformation - it's a wild ride!


A One-time Payment of €499

inc VAT

Full access to all of the above.




2 Monthly Payments of €250

inc VAT

Full access to all of the above.




3 Monthly Payments of €170

inc VAT

Full access to all of the above.

*Special Offer ends 5 January 2024


Content overview

Weekly group calls:


1. Getting to know each other, your goals and a deeply transformational breathwork journey.

2. Learn whether you already decided that your dreams are impossible - and how to change this belief for good!

3. Reduce the toxic load in your home and everyday life.

4. INTEGRATION WEEK - 1 breathwork journey followed by a practice week integrating everything  you learned so far.  

5. Physicality - where we truly live.

6. Becoming familiar with the F Word (not what you think).

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True personal growth is not a crash course for the perfect life. Continuously taking daily small steps will have a gigantic effect within a year.

Just ask yourself: If you are not happy now, what will your life look like in 5 years time if you don't take action now?


I am ready for my inner goddess!