Healing Gifts

A beautiful selection of wellness gift vouchers designed to clear your mind, cleanse your soul and help your loved one find some much-needed zen.

And as vouchers don’t look so snazzy under the tree, they come handwritten, with a luxury gift box containing silver plated diffuser charm with a lava heart plus a bottle of therapy grade Wild Orange essential oil.

Sweep them off their feet and choose from these wellness retreats to leave a special someone feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and cared for.
Each of these mindfulness gifts come with a handwritten voucher and a gift box - the kind of gift that keeps giving a dose of peace of mind.

Perfect for your girl friends

Space for Rising Goddesses

A sacred sisterhood retreat: energy healing, essential oils, therapeutic yoga and journaling to heal your body, mind and spirit. 3 consecutive sessions at the yoga space London + Gift box : £90

Please note: This gift is an in-person offering and currently not available online.

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Perfect for your parents

Bring Yoga to your Chair: Stretch, Release, Revive!

There is a huge variety of yoga available on YouTube, but this online course is different: A combination of yoga therapy and aromatherapy, safely taught by a renowned yoga therapist with years of experience in working with trauma and pain, the humble chair is a surprisingly efficient tool for lasting release.
Add optional essential oils and deeply enhance the experience. Suitable for all levels and ages, but especially with midlife in mind - make midlife creakiness a thing of the past and healthy movement part of your work life!
Gift this course with a gift box: £104

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Perfect for anyone you love

Immersive Energy Healing

This is a truly special gift. Energy healing is a non-invasive form of therapy promoting overall well-being and a deep sense of peace.
Anyone who knows work-related stress, discord in relationships, chronic pain, financial lack or low self worth is experiencing an energy blockage within the body. This becomes especially true if you recover from or live with a chronic or even terminal illness.
These powerful Angelic Reiki Energy Healing Sessions are beautiful, allowing the recipient to restore balance across all systems of mind, body, and spirit.
With gift box 1 session £140
With gift box 2 sessions £215

Gift This - 1 Session
Gift This - 2 Sessions

Perfect for your friend with dreams of change

Master Class: How we allow stories to limit us

This masterclass has a surprise in store for everyone who is dreaming of change. Every journey starts with the single step forward, no matter how small. This class is for those who are are ready for the next stage in their journey but wonder why they always stop at the first gate.
Let’s make you aware of that very first gate: Observation leads to knowledge, knowledge, of course, is power and with that power comes the ability to create change and achieve your dreams.
It’s you who will make it happen!
With gift box £64

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