Essential Oils

Integral emotional support during all of my in-person breathwork sessions, these powerful essences do so much more than making a room smell nice.

Essential oils are the distilled or pressed essence of plants (made from trees, leaves, herbs, fruits, bark, flowers), with tiny molecular building blocks. This means they are able to enter the bloodstream through the skin as well as by simply smelling them. The tiny oil molecules can even cross the blood brain barrier and immediately access parts of your brain that are responsible for your emotions. Plus the natural healing powers of the plant itself supports your emotional and physical wellbeing. Lavender for example is well known for being calming, but other oils can support addiction recovery, focus, help with allergies or boost the immune system and support physical healing, to name but a few benefits.

dōTERRA has developed a special kit for emotional support, which I recommend  as an entry level kit if you want to support your breathwork journeys, but read more about the clean wellness movement below - I have been a rep for this amazing company for over six years now, and completely stand behind their message.

The Clean Wellness Movement


A clean wellness and beauty movement has been growing rapidly, and more so in the last year, where our focus has shifted to a strong immune system: We want to know what is in the products we use in our everyday life, as well as their impact on our health and environment.

We’ve learned that what we put in and on our bodies matters, and detoxing your home environment is the fastest route to improved energy and wellbeing.

Confusing labels and the widespread availability of toxins in everyday household products can make choosing feel overwhelming, but the good news is, you do not need to be a specialist to look after your family naturally.


The fact that it is on our supermarket shelves does not mean it is safe!


Artificial Fragrances have been identified as an important contributing factor in the rise of many auto-immune illnesses, lack of energy and conditions such as asthma, ADHD, and ADD, to name but a few.

"It took decades for the world to acknowledge the deadly effects of exposure to second-hand smoke,” write researchers in a 2009 meta-analysis of studies on fragrance titled Fragrance in the Workplace is the New Second-hand Smoke. “But once the dangers were finally public, it only took a few years before smoke-free workplace laws were enacted across the nation.”

In fact, when in the 1960s, a handful of people began to complain about second-hand smoke, the general public and businesses considered it a fringe movement not likely to go anywhere. Hard to imagine today!

Join the clean wellness and beauty movement


I use essential oils daily and banished all artificially fragranced cleaning and beauty products from my home environment, with incredible results for my families health. Reducing the toxic load in your home has many long-term benefits: Whether you’re looking to find plant-based solutions to everyday health issues, want to learn how to make homemade beauty products, or simply have better energy and quality of life, dōTERRA has a solution for everyone.


Once you receive your first kit of natural solutions and home essentials, you will become part of our thriving online community of like-minded wonder women.
Whether you want to create your own balms and skincare, or simply shift your household spending to clean and holistic products, there is a solution for you. Through touch and scent, diffusing and using therapy grade essential oils and plant-based skin, beauty and household products we learn together how to create a more meaningful and slow life, becoming our most radiant selves.

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• Go to My doTERRA Site  - Click ‘Join and Save ‘ 
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• Press OK on the yellow box that appears.
• Choose Wholesale Customer and Continue.
• Fill in all personal info, choose your own password.

Enroller ID must be 5002416. Click Verify to see that it is Iris Waller. This is important if you want access to my tribe!
When you get to the order page, Choose your preferred starter kit from the carousel on top, then proceed to payment.

Once you completed your purchase, I will send you a welcome email with all the information you need to get started. There are no obligations whatsoever. You can choose to exit at any time. You can be a member without buying anything more. No binding contracts. No purchase obligation. Just lots of possibilities!

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