Becoming Whole

Creating stability and strength for the joyful life you so fully deserve.


Does it sometimes feel like your body betrayed you?

You may have emerged from a long and exhausting cancer journey. Perhaps long Covid pulled the rug from under your feet. You joke that your joints and your energy levels are not what they used to be - but secretly you wonder if decline into old age is the only path into your future. You may have spent a life on diet and fitness programs without tangible results, or simply struggle to feel healthy, attractive and lovable.

We are masters at putting ourselves last - until there is seemingly no other option.

Even after earth shattering life events you continue to juggle the burden of your epic to-do list and a multitude of responsibilities, meaning that deep inside you often feel like you are with your back against the wall putting out fires.
You are the rock that everyone leans on, but where is the fun, excitement for the future, the hopeful version of yourself?

If this is you, keep reading…

Far from being defined by the past, you learn to connect energetically to your intuition and wisdom through the living tradition of yoga and access to a wealth of practical life tools. 

Discover the true power of yoga, breath work and aromatherapy to create your abundant joyful state. 

All healing cleanses and tones your body, mind and senses. Entering a self-empowered healing process instils within you the confidence and deep knowledge that you CAN create change and return to better health. 

diagram of healing journey

We cannot afford to be stuck, whatever our past - it really is a matter of now or never. 

I want you return to calm and trust that you got this, each and every day.  I want for you to truly feel at ease in your life. 

This program is for you if you want to…

Trust that you can attain your life goals.
 Want to access real yoga to find inner peace.
Reset your energy levels and discover they have nothing to do with age.
Find the time to put yourself first with unapologetic self-care routines.
Create radiant health through profound and life-changing habits.
 Wake up after a solid night’s sleep and truly look forward to your day ahead.
Become authentic instead of compliant.
Put an end to self-sabotage and unworthiness, replacing it with determination and self-love.

YES - I'm all in!
"Working with Annis has helped me to make a definite mind-body connection that has enabled me to pursue my own journey in healing my emotional and physical health."
- Michelle C.
In our time together you will also learn to:

• Rewire old thought patterns and stories that keep you small.
• Feel comfortable with being curious and expressing your spirituality without shame.
• Create new belief systems, upgrading your self-worth and allowing for true abundance.
• Make decisions with confidence.
• Be the most radiant version of yourself, now, and forever.
• Identify toxic verbal abuse and lack of self-believe and discover how to turn those moments around
• Learn to believe into the Law of Attraction
• Align mentally, physically and spiritually
• Create your radiant life with everything that means to YOU.

I'm ready for change

What is stopping you?

I'm ready - count me in!

In midlife we cannot afford to lose another day - now is the time to start maintaining your strength, re-awaken your energy, and connect to life through balance, joy and resilience.

What we both can expect from our journey together:

I will give our time together 100%, and you will do the same. Healing requires commitment: You can ask for guidance, but only when you truly show up for yourself, you will soar, however scary the thought may be.
It may not always feel comfortable. Change teases you out of your comfort zone, and once the ball is rolling, the first impulse often is retract into what is familiar - aka, what is holding you back. I am here to hold you all the way.
Feeling whole, amazing, lovable and complete can be unfamiliar territory, especially (but not exclusively) after illness. One day you're healing, the next day you're doubting again - both days you won’t be giving up though.

My unique approach combines
Neuroscience, Yogic Wisdom, Anatomy and Physiology with Energy Healing, Compassion and  Spirituality, guiding you to be the driver of your own transformation.

Why me?

As a practising yoga therapist, Angelic Reiki master-teacher who works with intuitive aromatherapy, I know that living holistically is a game changer. There hasn't been a day in 20 years for me without the practice of yoga and breath work. With years of experience in resetting neurological pathways to ease pain in the mind and body, I observed over and over again that patients can return to inner calm and strength: a peaceful mind, spiritual freedom and deepest self love are the foundation of your success in your healing journey.

I understand because I have been through the mill of self-sabotage, loss and unworthiness myself. Losing my mother and brother in short succession, unable to fit in, I was finally diagnosed with ADHD and Aspergers in my mid-forties. For the longest time I felt unable to leave my emotionally abusive marriage and struggled through low self-worth with a massive imposter syndrome and complete loss of identity in early motherhood.

Stepping into my true radiance and becoming fearless was not a “hey baby, I am now woke and kick ass” experience:  Because I live and practice what I now teach, I managed to slowly but steadily shift my perspective from feeling afraid and helpless to fearless and strong - and I cannot wait to share this progress with you.

I have worked with people who had virtually every bone broken in an accident. Who are in remission, or were on their final cancer journey. Who were diagnosed with autism late in life and really struggled to find a strategy that allowed them to connect with family and friends. 

Whatever your story, there is a path for you too. Your success does not come from me telling you what to do - it develops from you knowing that you are enough.

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Working with Annis has not only been therapeutic for me, but has been a life-line. I have had Myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome for many years, and Annis has helped me to improve this condition. I recommend her highly and without reservation."
- Dr L.W. 

Any more questions?

I am ready. Let's do this!
"I started attending sessions with Annis when I was very stressed and in a very stressful job. I was amazed by the difference these sessions made. I was later diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukaemia, Annis has been with me through my cancer journey and has adapted our sessions in harmony with the emotional and physical ups and downs of my illness."
- Dr P.L.

What you get:

Seven weekly 1:1 transformational mentoring sessions based on the chakra system, re-aligining body, mind and sould, keeping you focused and on track.
Bespoke yoga therapy, energy healing and action plans, so that you can effortlessly shift from overwhelmed to feeling in control and excited about your life. 
 Access to your personal online platform with course material, assessments, meditations, and other practical life tools.
One 1:1 follow up session as agreed within 2 months (or integrated before further sessions if desired). 
Monday-Friday Voxer support (a walkie talkie app), 10am - 5pm (UK time). If you message me in the evening, I’ll get back to you the next day.

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Your investment


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£520 x 3

3 instalments



Full access my program "Bring Yoga to your Chair!" - bite size practices for real life, bringing physical and mindful release when it is most needed.

'I believe in the rise of the mid-life woman,  the wise women sisterhood and that midlife today is a time to celebrate our achievements and look forward to a new freedom'.

-Annis Fender

I am ready to become whole again.

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