Rocking Autumn with the Cleanse

body essential oils Sep 18, 2020
autumn trees

Generally speaking, I think that detoxes are bollocks.
We are already equipped with fantastic bio-engineering - liver and kidneys, lymph system, intestines - they all literally exist to detox the system. 

The claim that suddenly assaulting the body with uber healthy (often raw, but rarely organic) vegetables, juices, teas and colon cleanses will reset our organs and stimulate the liver, has very little research behind it. And the studies that exist are significantly flawed. Then, when we are done with a week of deprivation, that first glass of wine….

However, this month sees me going through with an autumnal Cleanse, supported with a selection of highly efficient supplements. Bear with hypocritical me - because it is an altogether different thing. 

"Seasonal Transitions can be a profound time for Growth: We are the only true experts on our journey. Filter all information through your own heart."

Here in the UK, we had a lovely summer with warm and sunny days. But all things must come to an end, and autumn is just around the corner. The kids, in fact, have already started with the sniffles. And these must definitely be kept at bay more than ever in these days of worry and uncertainty.

I personally always have a little trouble to let go of the balmy bright summer days, but autumn, with its call to realign mind, body and soul, offers beautiful sanctitude to transition with the season, readying ourselves for the cold days to come.
It is traditionally a time to celebrate the harvest and focus with a sense of gratitude on the gifts of nature. But with electricity, international trade and central heating our winters do not differ that much from summers from the body clocks point of view.

Living a supernatural lifestyle does not mean that I am super at doing healthy things. It simply means to be more in tune with Nature. As days get shorter, we are naturally inclined to crave rest - it gives us the strength we need to navigate the cold winter days. Taking care of your skin as the air gets dryer, spending as much time as you can in Nature, adjusting your food and continuing to gently exercise and breath mindfully, are all part of embracing the transition and will leave you feeling strong and ready.

As I wrote in Hack your System, the cornerstones to strong immune health always stay the same, but the goalposts shift with the seasons.
If it does not come easy to know what we need because we have this overwhelming amount of conflicting information at our fingertips, and seasonal produce has become a thing of the past. So turn to Nature as your teacher. Listen to and learn to trust your intuition; it is a practice that gets stronger over time.

Right now is the season for warming and nourishing food like soups, stews and broths. You may reintroduce hot cereals for breakfast, roast vegetables, and prepare robust and hearty meat dishes to align yourself with seasonal eating.

Think in colours of dark green, red and orange, purple and brown, just like the leaves in an autumn forest. So this is my version of Autumnal detox: to be lead by the season, to spend as much time as I can outside, to gently introduce autumnal food, and to support my body with supplements. Plus I have become rather fond of pumpkin pie, a sweet delight introduced by a friend from the US, and a lovely autumn treat.

Which brings me to the dōTERRA Cleanse:

I am a big believer in supplements - the way our food is farmed nowadays does not provide us with all the nutrition we need to optimise our health. So listening to the seasons, common sense and scientifically proven supplements provide the ideal solution for me.

Taking LLV daily has had a massive positive impact on our family wellness, from supporting cardiovascular, bone and digestive health, to managing stress, sleep, immune function and energy metabolism. There is a reason I decided to spread the dōTERRA love - it really did help me turn my health, and life around.

Starting at the end of next week, I’ll add a selection of probiotics, enzymes and essential oil supplements that synergistically work to improve the efficiency of your body’s own toxic cleansing mechanisms for sustainable health. It is quite unlike any conventional cleanse - no extreme dietary modifications, no gulping down heaping spoonfuls of indigestible finer, and no short term fixes.

If you want to join the Cleanse, drop me a line - I’ll support my team and customers this month with free online yoga classes and recipes for all.

One last tip: If you are a coffee drinker, don’t deprive yourself of the black brew unless you truly want to give it up for good. Caffeine is addictive, and I have learned from experience that it is really uncomfortable, headaches, back pain, grumpiness, the works. Reduce your intake, and perhaps add a chug and lions mane mushroom coffee to your list of daily goodness.

How do I know? Yep, I have forced myself to detox in the past - always with short term results. How else could I have learned from my mistakes?

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