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Trauma informed Holistic Wellness for Midlife Women. I teach practical life tools, unapologetic self-care and spirituality 


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“My mission is to show you that there is a simple and effective path for you that will truly change your life and, indeed, change the world around you.”


Radiant Life!

Lasting wellness for women ready to make low energy, low self-esteem and self-sabotage a thing of the past: Find clarity, own who you are and feel a million dollars!

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I teach trauma informed holistic wellness to midlife women, with practices that promote safety, empowerment and healing.
Using practical life tools, yoga therapy, essential oils, energy healing and unapologetic self-care, my mission is to show you that there is a simple and effective path for you to regain trust in your body, soul and intuition.

You are ready to reclaim your radiance, to shift the narrative from struggling, lost and overwhelmed to that of the embodied wise woman. Together, we’ll unhook you from society's expectations of how you're supposed to age, behave and feel, allowing you to access your inner goddess with confidence.

Trauma informed coaching allows you to once again become rooted into your own happiness, learn to set strong boundaries and trust your soul and intuition. You are the creator of your aligned and abundant existence; we may not be safe from the perils of modern life, but we can be resilient and strong!

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Space for Rising Goddesses

Yoga  |  Essential Oils  |  Embodiment
Join my monthly afternoon retreat at The Yoga Space London. Let me guide you into your space of inner wisdom and joyous freedom.
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