Transform your life.

Find purpose and direction. Boost your mental and physical wellbeing.

  • Transformational Breathwork
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Unapologetic Selfcare
  • Energy Healing 
  • Essential Oils

Transform your Life


Find purpose and direction. 
Boost your mental and physical wellbeing.


Yoga Therapy

Unapologetic Selfcare

Energy Healing 

Essential Oils


Radiant Life!


6 week online course with weekly live coaching.  Reignite your passion for life :

You are ready to make low energy and low self-esteem a thing of the past.
You know that self-care is not optional, but how do you make your healthy decisions stick?
In this quest you will discover why you self-sabotage and learn to remove these old patterns once and for all. You'll identify what you truly want with this wild and wonderful life of yours and make the conscious CHOICE to live to your fullest potential and happiness. Step confidently into your new, assertive self.
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You can live healthier, wealthier, passionately and purposefully for the rest of your life! 

Challenges are part of the journey: Let's create habits that serve your mental health and allow self empowerment and healing. 

Sometimes you feel lost, confused, broken, at times even hopeless, ready to give up. Whether you are carer for someone or are facing the battles yourself, change will start with you, and you alone. Do the work, become a self-love warrior. 

When you are ready to shift the narrative, you can unhook from society's expectations of how you're supposed to live, age, behave and feel. I will guide you to create the life you truly want, instead of trying to escape the life you have.

Learning to set strong boundaries and trusting your soul and intuition is just the beginning. You are the creator of your aligned and abundant existence, and I cannot wait to meet you!

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